The Journey of A Warrior Woman

As I reflect upon a recent situation that arose in my home/life… I would like to share my personal thoughts. Although the situation was minor, my immediate response had a deep significant meaning.

It is often said that we must live life looking forward but we understand it’s meaning when we look backward. Here is my moment of understanding.

For me, being a warrior woman means that I will defend and uplift the men in my life & the man of my house. It is not merely out of loyalty or respect but from a Divine inner knowing that the fastest way to hurt me, break me down, and cause me life-long damage, would be to kill off the men in my life. 

The death, not only in the literal sense, but perhaps more importantly, the death of his spirit. Those acts that cause his spirit to suffocate, wither away and die. And there is nothing more heartbreaking than to see an empty-shell of a man.

Therefore, part of my life journey has been to be weary of those who wish to entrap me with drama, self-doubt, and distraction…for I must have a clear eye and heart to watch the horizon for what could really crush me. We must support and defend our sons, our fathers, our brothers, our husbands…for without them our hearts are defenseless. So be on the lookout if your intention is to break or kill the men in my life…for you will be met with the wrath of this warrior woman.

Clear eyesight and Open heart.
Clear eyesight and Open heart.

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