Jennifer Taylor; Life & Spiritual Life Coach

Jennifer Taylor
Certified Life & Spiritual Coach


I am a Life & Spiritual Coach and owner of Your Life Mastered. I have worked in sales and marketing for over twenty years.  I am not the ‘typical’ coach. I actually walk my talk.  I live these teachings and insights everyday. I too am a spiritual being walking around in a human meat-suit trying to create the best life for myself and those around me. ​​​I have been coaching myself, team members, co-workers, friends, family and the general public for what feels like a life time. The real journey began about 14 yrs ago. Through a series of life events, my entire world felt like it crashed down all around me. I can remember the night when it got so bad, I got on my knees in defeat and cried “uncle”. Life as I was living it was not working. No matter how much I tried to make it work, to control everything, and just be a good person…I just couldn’t master my life.  That day marked the beginning of a whole new journey for me. That was the day that I surrendered and asked for help. I wanted to finally know, understand, and discover what I had to do to finally master my own life. To discover how to be happy and feel that ‘peace’ thing everyone talks about. I finally discovered the answer. ​

​I will help you to create positive changes in your life. For some people, that positive change focuses on your personal goals such as relationships, time management, manifesting abundance, work-life balance, stress reduction, health, etc. but for some others you may be more interested in professional or business goals such as leadership, starting a business, marketing & sales, etc. Regardless of your goals, I want to work with you to help you create a better, richer, and joyful life. 


Jennifer Taylor is a certified spiritual and life coach in Cleveland, Ohio. She received her certification with World Coaching Institute (WCI). Jennifer works with people who want to find happiness, spiritual wellness and success through personal development in all areas of their lives. She is the owner of Your Life Mastered. To work with Jennifer, visit the site at