You’re Not a Hunter

In the midst of a meeting with my boss about our marketing and sales strategies, he looked at me and announced “You’re not a hunter. There are hunters in this world and you are not one of them”. This is the same boss who also told me: “I’m an ‘A’ type of personality or some would say an ‘asshole’. I’ve studied every type of personality and for the life of me, I can’t figure out which one you are. So, I’ve decided that you are just your very own type of personality”. 

This is not the first time I’ve gotten these type of comments from many people over the years. Although not all stated the same way, but the meaning was the same. I was misunderstood and misjudged…and often times discredited.  I use to take offense and feel as though there was something wrong with me.  Then over many years of growth and hard-work  I could see that there was truth in both statements. I learned to recognize and embrace the gifts that I brought. 

I am not a hunter in the male conventional sense. Although I have been told that I am bad-ass (mostly by men); I am not a physical fighter. I will not stalk prey or people just to take from them or take advantage of them when they are weak and vulnerable. I will not use my ego to push them around and make them feel inferior. I will not cut others to pieces with my words and actions. I will not accomplish a goal or task only to turn and rub it in the face of another. In those parameters,  he is correct in stating that I am not a hunter.

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have inner drive, determination, passion, and down & dirty grit.  I am my own person and I leverage my attributes in the wisest ways possible. I have embraced the best parts of myself to forge ahead in life and in business. I often set new benchmarks and thresholds.

My huntress weapons are humor, compassion, insights & messages, grace, and Divine feminine power.


My huntress weapons are humor, compassion, insights & messages, grace, and Divine feminine power. How I use them makes ALL the difference…and that is what most underestimate and can’t understand. 

~Jennifer Taylor