What it means to be a provider

Being a Provider has a much deeper meaning that our society and past generations has past down. 

A Provider makes the opportunities possible. He is present and available. He takes time to prepare the road for his future generations through wisdom, caring, strength, protection, nourishment, and boundaries. He forges the path for those he loves. 

“To all the providers…don’t minimize your value and worth to amount in your wallet.” ~ Jennifer Taylor

My Greatest Challenge on the Life and Spiritual Path

I became a victim and hostage to the old stories that where filled with hopes, dreams, and worn out wishes. Forgiveness was and still is a gift I give myself.

One of the most challenging steps on my life and spiritual path was forgiveness. 
I thought that forgiveness as a gift that I was giving to the one who had caused me pain. For me if felt like I was saying that it was all OK…and for me it was far from OK. I somehow felt powerful for carrying around the burdens of hurt and pain. That it made me stronger. Really it did just the opposite.

The pain followed me everywhere. And in good effort to avoid feeling the years worth of build-up, I would tell myself a different story and convince myself and the world that I was good. I became a victim and hostage to the old stories that where filled with hopes, dreams, and worn out wishes. 

They say that the first step on any new path is often the hardest. The path of forgiveness began with the first step of releasing all the old hopes that the path could have been anything different. That my life would have turned out different…better. That first step came with a lot of tears. 

It took me many years to understand that the gift of forgiveness was never about the other person. That gift was a gift that I gave to myself. And when I opened it, I saw that it came with brand new hopes, dreams, and wishes for an amazing future. I was now able to fully live and feel GREAT.~ Jennifer Taylor


Jennifer Taylor is a certified spiritual and life coach in Cleveland, Ohio. She received her certification with World Coaching Institute (WCI). Jennifer works with people who want to find happiness, spiritual wellness and success through personal development in all areas of their lives. She is the owner of Your Life Mastered. To work with Jennifer, visit the site at www.yourlifemastered.com