Success is a learned behavior…teach it by your example.

Our presence, our actions, our words…all have a direct effect on children. Children are ALWAYS watching and listening; if they are of your own blood line doesn’t matter. We as the elders are paving the way and leading by our example.


Are you the example and encouragement of LIMITLESS possibilities…OR…an example of lost and defeated creativity?

Giving life doesn’t just begin and stop with having a child…darn near anyone can make a baby. BUT giving birth to creative thoughts and dreams; encouraging all possibilities; believing and uplifting yourself; doing what makes you feel alive…that is Divine creation and the greatest example.

Success is a learned behavior…teach it by your example. ~ Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor is a certified life and spiritual coach and owner of Your Life Mastered. 

Your Life Mastered specializes in life coaching;  spiritual coaching;  transformation coaching & removing blocks; spiritual wellness & finding your purpose; personal development; improving your relationships & loving the self; and leveraging success.