The Path To True Power

True power is never about trying to have power over someone else. Power and owning one’s power means one accepts responsibility for one’s choices and actions, one accepts that every action one takes leads to consequences that may be positive or negative.

One learns not to blame others for everything that happens but looks inside to see what sort of energy one is putting forth that has attracted the circumstances to begin with.

We learn that it is not “everyone else” that has created the circumstances in our lives, but us that have put the energy forth to begin with that attracted those people and circumstances.

Accepting this and working with it means that YOU have the ultimate power within you to transform your own life!

It’s so easy to point the finger at someone else and make them “responsible” for how our lives are not working. It’s so easy to blame circumstances or “fate” instead of calling upon our own knowing and intuition, our own inner power and setting about to “stalk” the right solutions. It’s easier to sit where one is and moan rather than pick up and move on. There is only this present moment…It’s time to get moving.~ Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor is a certified life and spiritual coach and owner of Your Life Mastered. 

Your Life Mastered specializes in life coaching;  spiritual coaching;  transformation coaching & removing blocks; spiritual wellness & finding your purpose; personal development; improving your relationships & loving the self; and leveraging success.