The Sweet Smell of Skunk

While driving to an appointment this morning, an overwhelming smell of skunk filled every inch of my car and nasal passage. The smell was so strong it shocked me back to the moment. I realized that I had been day dreaming in my head and in that moment I made a point to take notice of what it was I was thinking about. The thoughts that were swirling around in my head…were they real and are those really want I want to manifest in the physical? 

I follow a few spiritual paths, for I feel that there is a message for me everywhere if I am open to hearing it. One of my favorite paths is the path of Native American spirituality. It feels very grounding and organic for me. They believe that Great Spirit is everywhere and always sending us messages to assist us along the human walk. Animals are believed to be one of the many ways that Great Spirit communicates with us. Each animal embodies a spiritual meaning and message that if we pay attention to there presence in the moment, are there to answer and guide us to live the best life possible. They will often times sacrifice themselves in order to serve and deliver a message. 

 Now I didn’t see brother skunk but I sure did smell him and was keenly aware of his message for me in that particular moment. 

ImageThe message that skunk brings is about your reputation. Simply, what are you announcing to the world? What energy and vibration are you sending out? What thoughts and feelings are you empowering in your manifestations? This message contains a lot of power and commands respect not only of the observer but of the beholder of the power as well. For we each contain the power to create our own reality.

The medicine of skunk reminded me in that moment to be aware of my thoughts and what I am sending out into the world. It was a gentle reminder to walk my talk by respecting myself and my own power of creation. It is just like that line in the movie Spider Man,  “With great power comes great responsibility”. We all have this amazing power within us to create our own personal heaven or our own personal hell…most have simply forgotten that and are using this power without even realizing it. 

Skunk also reminds me to simply be myself and that my presence in this life is enough. I don’t need to overpower and put on a show to announce to the world who I am and what I am about. For how I care for myself, how I love myself, and how I carry myself tells the world what I believe in myself. The self-esteem is instantly recognized on a sensory level by everyone. I can use that power to attract and repel. It also teaches me to make note of what I am attracting to me in my life. 

Am I attracting people, situations, and events that are positive or negative?  Throughout my day I will make a mental note to be present and aware of what I see and attract. Are the attractions pleasant in nature? If so, I will appreciate those characteristics in myself and be proud of the accomplishments I have made along my journey. And if I notice some are unpleasant within the senses, I will also make note of areas of improvement and progress. But ultimately, I am grateful to brother skunk for reminding me that what I believe in myself is my power & protection and to make sure that I project self-respect. ~ Jennifer Taylor


Jennifer Taylor is a certified life and spiritual coach and owner of Your Life Mastered. 

Your Life Mastered specializes in life coaching;  spiritual coaching;  transformation coaching & removing blocks; spiritual wellness & finding your purpose; personal development; improving your relationships & loving the self; and leveraging success.